The main idea of our product was for it to allow candy to fall out of a bottle or jar if a button is pressed. The main reason for why we chose this project was to explore how to access food in moderation. As you can see in the photos, the circuit involves a servo motor, a button, and a light sensor. The motor will only trigger if the button is pressed and the light is off. The light will only be on if the light isn’t on because it is set to only be off at night with a low feedback from the light sensor to the Arduino. The sensor will then turn and let out a piece of candy. It then gives feedback using Iot to keep track of the number of pieces of candy let out. Throughout April, we maintained the same idea and just worked to make sure that it worked. Iteration was barely done because we had a set plan in place. An improvement on the design would be to make the motor portion better because sometimes it doesn’t let out the candy. The light sensor is very finicky as well so this could be improved.

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