This data visualization is a very common representation for stock prices, and you can easily see it when you go to website/application showing live stock prices. Thus, I have tried to reproduce that.

What it does

It takes in the name of the company, whose stock prices you are interested in and creates a chart for that. The name of the company should be given by the code it referred by on this site. The visualization has line chart which represent Relative Strength Index of the stock and candles which represent actual price ranges of the stock.

How we built it

This project is written only in Python. We have used the following python packages to build the project:

  • yfinance (stock prices collection)
  • Plotly (data visualization) We have made a function to calculate RSI of the concerned stock.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to combine the two charts into a single chart, while also having both the y-axes into consideration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The ability to scroll or zoom into a specific part of timeline is a really nice feature of my implementation. Also, the good relation between RSI and stock prices, helps make our data visualization provide a good story for the user.

What we learned

RSI is a good parameter for stock markets, and can be used to buy stocks. Whenever there is sudden drop in RSI of a reputed stock, this indicates a good time to buy it. And we should sell stocks when RSI starts declining after a long rise.

What's next for Candles and Line

  • Present both the y-scales on a single chart.
  • Creating a dashboard for showing multiple stocks
  • Trying to implement sub-plots in dashboard

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