Team Number: 18

Team members: Avery Peterson, Aaron Pradhan, Akash Shah, Rahul Shah


In today's political climate, it is incredibly important to get out and vote. However, many people don't know who to vote for, or even who is running, especially for local elections. Our app is intended to help people discover and match with political candidates and also reduce bias in the decision making process.

What it does

Similar to Tinder, a user is able to see a candidate's profile, including their key issues and opinions on many other important issues. What makes it unique is that we hide the name, face, and political party of each candidate, forcing the user to choose candidates solely based on their platform. If the user agrees with a candidate's platform, they can swipe right to "match" with them. If they do not agree, they can swipe left to see the next candidate. Once they have gone through all the candidates, the user can then view their matches, revealing who they actually matched with. From there they can get more info from candidates' own website, as well as register to vote.

How we built it

We built this app using a React frontend, with Bootstrap to style it.

Challenges we ran into

Some of us were not that experienced with React, Bootstrap, and Git, so our main focus was learning some of these new technologies.

What's next for Candidating

To keep users coming back to the app during times when there are no coming elections, we would like to integrate a news feed feature so that users could follow their favorite politicians and see what bills they are voting on, and if they followed through on their campaign promises. By having easy access to this information, we are hoping users will continue to be actively engaged in their local government and community activities.

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