If you ask any governmental or political question to the average college freshman or high school student, you'll quickly come to realize how little we know about the people who are supposed to represent us in government. We wanted to create an app that will young adults learn more in a new and exciting way.

What it does

The app has two working features, namely Discover and Explore. With Discover you can read news articles that are summarized into 6 bullet points. Imagine being a teenager going to school; you're in a hurry and you get aboard the bus. You don't have time to read the whole 1000 word article so instead, you pull up our app and read the news in a concise manner. You can also filter on certain topics. With Explore you find out more about the politicians. You can use our patented facial recognition technology to just scan an image of a politician and know everything about them. Whether it is their past education/work history, their ratings, votes or even funding sources, we got it. Think like you're a kid who is skimming through channels on a Friday night and you find debate happening on Vixen News. You really like the points this one guy is making and you think you might even someday vote for him someday buuuuuuuuuut you're a cool kid remember? You flip out your phone and snap a pic. Oh no, Sen. John Doe seems to be in favor a lot but you're just complete on the opposite spectrum of it. Thank god Candidates was there to guide you otherwise you would've blamed Obama


How I built it

We setup the backend in node.js and frontend in Polymer. Yep, Polymer. Even though it is a webapp, we made it native using Cordova. Welcome to 2015!

Challenges I ran into

There were a few bugs that would let me continue coding and the problem was so obscure yet simple that none of the people I asked could help, except this one person from Square. Internet was an issue too as I had to download and test a lot of bower components but sometimes it would just disconnect and I'd have to start the process over. We were going to include Elastic Search for candidates but ran into issues with database architecture.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally making a working project using the latest Polymer 1.0 instead of the antiquated 0.4 from waaaay back then (a year ago).

What I learned

If the problem you're trying to fix takes more than 5 minutes, it's something really simple and stupid to fix.

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