“Fixing the employment market requires helping job seekers become “Top 2% Candidates” who can meet employer’s rigorous requirements and easily hit the “bulls-eye” of employer needs to ensure they don’t make bad hires” Source:"

Candidates don’t know where their strengths can be best utilized and what specific skills they need for a given role or company.


  1. Finding the roles that are a good fit is challenging.
  2. Figuring out what skills you need to get to the top of the list is even harder.

VALUE PROPOSITION: Get a jumpstart on your job search by using our resume analysis tool to find the best roles for your skillset. Once you upload your resume, our system can also identify key skills needed to become competitive for more UX jobs.

What it does

A digital platform that will:

  1. Help candidates leverage their strengths by matching candidates with jobs based on their skillset;
  2. Provide recommendations on what skills that they can work on to improve hireability;
  3. Provide feedback on applications so job seekers can improve their market value going forward.

How we built it

Sketch and Invision Prototype

Challenges we ran into

  1. Keep first mocks very low-fi - we drastically had to do last minute changes to 2 screens after testing yet spent so much time with details like adding checkboxes/fields etc.
  2. Refining the problem statement. We initially wanted to address both optimizing job search and feedback challenges of the hackathon, but focused on the latter due to the OBVIOUS lack of feedback feature in job search websites.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful team alignment - We all took turns in sketching, prototyping, testing, iterating (everyone's sketch app/google slides were up in case one of us has to run out and test and/or synthesize key findings and plop on the deck.) This contributed greatly to arriving at decisions on the product roadmap, and feature prioritization.

What we learned

  1. Defend the user - mission statements can help simplify product decisions.
  2. Whiteboarding is helps to align teams and quickly framing the problem.
  3. Having a UX mentor is invaluable.
  4. The UX process requires out of the box thinking/thinking beyond the interactions;

What's next for Candidate Challenge

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