When we first heard of the Building Bridges theme, our first thoughts were to create a platform that would help underprivileged people with something that they would otherwise have to struggle with. That is to say, building bridges to help them achieve success. Our project, Candid College Connections, shortened to C3, is a free college application review portal where first-generation low-income (FGLI) students can receive mentorship and advice in order to build strong applications. Our motivation in building this project was to help relieve stress for students who are applying to college soon. Being a senior in high school, Maryann has just gone through college apps and found it to be incredibly stressful as many other students can attest to. FGLI students can struggle with this even more as they enter the process completely blind with little to no resources and experienced individuals around them.

What it does

Candid College Connections allows users to sign in, connect with mentors and other like-minded students, listen to music in the chill zone, and customize personal profiles. Students can book a 1 on 1 session with mentors to receive personalized assistance about the many parts of a college application as well as join live group meetings where mentors and other students can share advice and host discussions on any range of topics. Users can communicate with one another at any time by private messaging each other through the C3 chat messenger. As a bonus, the chill zone offers positive affirmations for those who could benefit from a few positive reminders :).

How we built it

We started by brainstorming ideas for features that a college application review portal would possibly need on a shared document. For each feature that we produced, we created a separate page on the shared Figma file to split up the design work between our team members. Next, we mapped out the flow to understand what buttons lead to what pages. For example, the connect page will have two buttons leading to the chat messenger and meeting interface. Finally, we laid all our finished pages next to one another to show the final flow of the site.

Challenges & Accomplishments

As we had no previous experience with Figma, we struggled to learn the functions of the platform while trying to create our prototype. In addition, we had missed the workshop explaining how to use Figma, so we had to rewatch it during the Hackathon. Even so, we are immensely proud of the project we were able to produce and learned a lot on the way.

What's next

Our primary next step would be translating this prototype into a live website. We also want to add more features to make resources readily available to our users such as a list of upcoming scholarships. Direct links to college application websites along with an essay brainstorming space can be added to make C3 the one-stop shop for all your college application needs.

Built With

  • figma
  • ui
+ 50 more
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