We were inspired by the sad truth that many people lose their lives to cancer, and that many people have to struggle with it throughout their lives. This is a dire issue that NEEDS to be fixed, starting with how fast a diagnosis can be reached.

What it does

Using data sets from blood samples, our program can identify whether the cancer cells in an infected body are benign or malignant.

How we built it

We built this program using both Java and Python, creating it on Jupyter Notebooks. We imported many different functions to help sort through our code, and we selected the ones which would give us the highest accuracy.

Challenges we ran into

Our data set had some unknown symbols, and this prevented the program from running the string. We then had to revisit our entire data set, which took multiple hours to go through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our program allows us to decipher whether someone has benign or malignant cancer, which is a huge step in creating efficient ways of diagnosing cancer.

What we learned

We learned to go through our code very carefully, and debug every line, because in a complicated project like this one, every line matters.

What's next for CancerAware

We will continue to develop the app further to a point where we are confident in our app. There also could be a possibility of a commercial release, though that is very distant, and highly unlikely at our current state.

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