Inspiration: The greatest inspiration we had were the patients who are suffering from cancer and who need to be listened to.

What it does: CanAid does exactly that: We use a NLP-based voice assistant via chatbot to react to biomarkers measured by the sensors of the smartwatch which makes it possible to receive automated patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) from the device to the physicians.

How we built it: We used different languages, tools and frameworks from Python, Flask, Local deployment (Heroku), MySQL, RASA and over Google Dialog Flow we also used different platforms as canvas, and many more.

Challenges we ran into: Using NLP for the higher processing of voice-guided messages through a chatbot which reacts bidirectionally to measured biomarkers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Finding a real and feasible solution for such an important and impactful problem!

What we learned: We learned a lot about deep tech related topics as NLP, dialog flows and measuring biomarkers via sensors but also a lot about medical related issues in the field of oncology and medical administration. We also have been educated on how to apply a solution that is sensitive and gentle to patient and consider the mental health issues that they might be going through because of their struggle.

What's next for CancAid: We want to build it as a real product and possibly progress as a young founding startup team to help cancer patients to be heard!

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