Thinking aobut the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, there is incredible drug abuse and medical equipment shortage.

We considered the abundance of nalaxone kits in the area and decided that a solution needed to be made.

Enter Canary, a project by a group of Students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology for Angelhacks 2019.

Sign up as a user with a medical dependency. In the event of an emergency, click an SOS request for a ping to be sent to all nearby users to arrive at your location with your proper medication and dosage.

There is also an option to use the Agora RTC API to be connected to a live video call of a person knowledgeable in administering the medication you have requested.

To view our original slide deck, please head to:

Thank you and be well, The Canary Team. Alexis, Aman, Erik, Richard, Yun

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