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A few of our team members understand the difficulties that disabled family members face, and have sought out technological solutions for monitoring their well-being. However, most of the software available is expensive, inaccurate, or doesn't suit the individual needs of the client. Therefore, we created Canary as a simple way to compare lifestyle choices and behavior, sleep, and mood. This allows parents and caretakers to come to their own conclusions, rather than relying on incomplete and irrelevant generated data.

How it works

This app allows the user to input food intake, medicine intake, sleep, activity, behavior and mood changes. They are prompted to enter information into certain categories (for instance: food groups, activity type, medicine dosage, etc.) along with a time or a time range. This data populates into a calendar, where the user has access to each entry along with notes, and each entry "type" (food, behavior, sleep, etc.) is color coded. Therefore, the user can find correlations between certain elements, such as sleep and behavior, or activity and mood.

Challenges I ran into

We collectively ran into issues with GitHub collaborations, which were eventually resolved by googling, investigation and further understanding of the application. Our team was a mix of complete beginner to proficient javascript, CSS, and HTML users, which was difficult since our undertaking was very code-heavy for our experience levels. Particularly, we struggled to create a database of elements that could be stored by the user, then to connect this data to calendar events. However, we worked together and provided assistance and logic suggestions for teammates struggling with certain areas. Some issues took hours of effort to collaboratively fix, but we ultimately overcame these problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the fact that our product is functional enough to explore the different options and inputs, and how we enhanced our programming skills by building a mobile application, which was something none of us have ever done before. We're ultimately happy with our product we managed to create over the course of this weekend, and that we were able to maintain a good sense of humor despite lack of sleep and hours of frustration. For 36 or so hours, we managed to create a functional and even attractive application that has the potential to positively impact individuals and families, and even have room to potentially expand.

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