We got our inspiration from the RBC and JetBrains challenge. Also we noticed that feedback is important when it comes to analyzing a product's performance and customer satisfaction.

What it does?

Canalytica is a service that allows companies and individuals to register for scanning and analyzing social media platforms in order to detect customer feedback, cluster related social media posts and perform sentimental analysis. At the same time, companies can detect if there is a technical or non-technical issue based on the customer feedback or discussion on social media. The results from the analysis can be further extracted to know if an issue is only from a certain location and if the issue has been there over a period of time. Besides the features mentioned, the software also serves as a tool for an individual to perform market research on social media platforms, would be helpful for start-up and small business companies to get insights about their own companies.

How we built it?

The main platform is a mobile application built using Kotlin. The backend was built using Python to scan and categorize various posts on the social media platforms. All the gathered data was stored in a Firestore database. Along with the mobile application we have created a landing website using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing visual representation of data like graphs within the app, sorting data through database, make it work like a software as service and figuring out the convenient tool to make the application user friendly.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to build such a platform under 24 hours.

What we learned?

Programming language like kotlin. Using and implementing API, NLKT, panda, tweepy

What's next for Canalytica

Currently we have the application usable for extracting data from twitter, we plan on making it usable for all other social media platforms. We have a mobile platform but we would expand and have a web application. Build an enterprise edition. Subscription based business model and a lot of new features.

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