I wanted to provide an Alexa skill that educates Canadian citizens about the constitution without having to read the whole thing. This skill does just that, and allows you to skim through the constitution with ease.

What it does

By saying, "Alexa, open Canadian Constitution Guide", you can learn more about the Canadian Constitution!

This guide contains the majority of the full text of Constitution Act of 1867, the six schedules, and the Constitution Act of 1982. This guide allows you to explore the current and historical foundation for law that defines the Canadian government today.

How I built it

I built my skill using Amazon's Lambda serverless framework. The Alexa API calls this framework for the responses it needs to generate. On the Lambda side, I used Python to parse through the constitution and provide meaningful navigation and continuous read-through of the text.

Challenges I ran into

Providing meaningful navigation and tracking that state was difficult when developing this skill, and I definitely am open to feedback for improving user interaction within my skill.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A lot of research into the Canadian Constitution went into designing this skill, and I can happily say that I've learned a lot from this experience. Figuring out the state management for this skill was tough, as well as incorporating various nuances of Amazon's Alexa API to provide a more coherent experience.

What I learned

Learned more about Amazon's Lambda serverless framework, as well as state management throughout the skill's lifecycle. And on the side, learned a lot more about Canada's constitution as well!

What's next for Canadian Constitution Guide

I'd like to improve the navigation and flow of how users interact with this skill, and potentially add some fun factoids to enhance the learning experience.

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