Inspiration: My trips to Niagara Falls that lasted throughout throughout my childhood inspired me to make an app focused on Canada. The stereotypical term, "eh", is fun to use and from time to time, it is also enjoyable to have the Canadian maple syrup. In Canada, the metric system is standard. I wanted to make something that utilized functions with JavaScript and provided useful information which I can use next time I visit Canada.

What it does: It features a home/index page and switches between pages for Memes, a Unit Converter, and a Sources page.

How I built it: I built Canada Eh! through the use of Visual Studio Code and HTML.

Challenges I ran into: I experienced difficulty with setting up the HTML tags at first but over a period of a few hours, I began to get the hang of it. After that, I decided to implement JavaScript functions for performing unit conversions. In programming these, I learned how to make useful functions with JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I am proud creating a website based on Canada with HTML and JavaScript, which I have never used before.

What I learned: I learned that HTML is a markup language with tags and JavaScript is used as a way of performing functions on HTML websites.

What's next for Canada Eh! | A Site for Information and Entertainment: In the future, I hope to share Canada Eh! with my grandparents, who travel to Niagara Falls a few times a year; share it with friends of my family who live in Canada; and add more to Canada Eh! to make it an even better experience.

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