Can you save a life?


For the past several years heart disease has remained the second leading cause of death in Canada. Many know how to prevent it, but many don’t know how to deal with cardiac events that have the potential to end your life. What if you can change this?

What it does

Can You Save Me simulates three different conversational actions showcasing cardiac events at some of their deadliest moments. It’s your job to make decisions to save the person in question from either a stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, or a heart attack. Can You Save Me puts emphasis on the symptomatic differences between men and women during specific cardiac events. Are you up for it?

How we built it

We created the conversational action with Voiceflow. While the website was created with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. Additionally, the backend of the website, which counts the number of simulated lives our users saved, uses Node.js and Google sheets.

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges our team ran into, however, we managed to overcome each of them. Initially, we used React.js but it deemed too complex and time consuming given our time-sensitive constraints. We switched over to Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap instead for the frontend of the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of the fact that we were able to come together as complete strangers and produce a product that is educational and can empower people to save lives. We managed our time efficiently and divided our work fairly according to our strengths.

What we learned

Our team learned many technical skills such as how to use React.js, Node.js, Voiceflow and how to deploy actions on Google Assistant. Due to the nature of this project, we completed extensive research on cardiovascular health using resources from Statstics Canada, the Standing Committee on Health, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, American Journal of Cardiology, American Heart Association and Harvard Health.

What's next for Can You Save Me

We're interested in adding more storylines and variables to enrich our users' experience and learning. We are considering adding a play again action to improve our Voice Assistant and encourage iterations.

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