A few months back one of our friends had an idea for a startup and had a brainstorming session so that we could suggest names. So, we were able to come up with names but we had to check a lot of things like whether it has been taken not only in terms of a domain name but also on the major social media websites. Thus it took more than 5 mins for just one name that is a potentially unique and good name.

What it does

This investigative Platform goes to a lot of social media sites and asks for a particular name, but if there are none then if it is taken or not taken is the problem that it solves.

How we built it

We used Flask at the BackEnd and HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap CSS for making the software along with this we used requests python library. We later give out the list of platforms that have the profile username available. And the robust code doesn't crash in any case.

Challenges we ran into

We had to read the output given a few of the platforms who would also give out text that the URL doesn't exist thus had to formulate to recognize the things for that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we can detect the existence of the username by the program itself saving potentially a lot of time for all the people who are excited to start their own startup or Brand. We are aware it’s not a necessity but sure saves a lot of time if naming is a very important case.

What we learned

We had to think of how to check for the content and when the website doesn't respond we had to use robust exception handling to deal with it. We also had to learn how a detective can be formulated in a digital form.

What's next for Can You Name Biz

We further want to work on finding if the username is taken can it see it was active on the platform recently or is a dead account thus we can find if the account can be reclaimed by contacting them.

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