I wanted to make a simple yet enticing game for the iOS app store. Similar to the hit game "Flappy Bird," I wanted to make the games relatively short and challenging at the same time. That's when I remembered a game my classmate made me play on a piece of paper for his psychology class. He had a grid of words, each saying one color but written in a different color. He timed me to see how fast I could go through the entire list. After remembering this game, I decided to make it into an app.

What it does

"Can You Color" is a simple game that models the "Stroop test," which demonstrates the reaction time of autonomous processing and visual control.

How I built it

Written in Apple's XCode program, I created the entire project in Swift. It was mostly a learning process, since it was the first official app that I had created. I used images I bought online as well as sound effects for the game.

Challenges I ran into

Because it was the first app I had ever made, the entire project was a learning process for me. Learning how to create objects without using the storyboard, creating algorithms, saving information to UserDefaults, and using APIs are just a few challenges for me that I had to overcome by myself to create this app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, I'm proud of being able to create the game and release it on the app store. It's a product of the countless hours I put in into learning and programming, and is the first step in my goal to becoming a professional programmer.

What I learned

I learned how to code in Swift. I had used Java in the past, but the trouble I had with Swift is just learning its syntax. Once I had learned how it works and how to use it, I was able to create algorithms and display objects on the screen without too much of a hassle.

What's next for Can-You-Color

For "Can You Color," I plan to continue to make improvements to the algorithm instead of simply choosing random colors and text from the array in order to make the game more challenging and stimulating.

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