When we were kids, we had always enjoyed coding because we started at a young age. However, we have all observed and learned from various sources that if not exposed to at a young age, a computer often becomes a fear for kids. We believe that coding is the future, the new definition of literacy and thus, through this platform we want to make coding not only a fun learning experience but also easily accessible to everyone.

This platform provides interactive learning modules in different programming languages. It is based on the principle of learning by doing and thus also provides a live editor to write code and see the outputs. The platform also provides a sandbox mode for free programming practice.

How we built it

We built this website using Ruby on Rails and plenty of open source gems such as Materialize and the ACE-editor.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to use the Google Cloud Platform to host, but we ran into too many difficulties. We also had too many ideas and had some difficulties prioritizing. We also had difficulty rendering the separate lessons, and were only able to get one showing in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we got the code to render and that we made it look engaging for kids.

What we learned

The most basic skills we learned from this project is the use of git and github. Ruby on the rails has also been a powerful tool for us to construct the website. We also learned the use of new tools and new ways to use the tools we were already familiar with. However, the biggest lesson we drew out of this event was the power of team spirit. We were amazed how despite never meeting before our team had so much in common. We learned how to divide work and yet move towards the same direction. This hackathon was full of learning experiences for us.

What's next for Can you code, kids?

For our trial we built modules on HTML, however, we intend to use the website to simplify the learning of higher level languages for kids and introduce them at least to the basics. We also intend to make it much more fun by adding a target based rewarding system to it based on module completion.

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