In college I used to participate in events where you were given a sentence and you have to build a story around it. So I decided to build a lens around it and add a little AR twist to it.

What it does

You will be given an incomplete sentence (fragment) to build a story from and different expressions will be appiled on your face (smile, sad, shook, charming, etc.). You have to show your creative skills and build a story that around all this.

How I built it

I used random expressions to appear on your face every 5-8 seconds and a random prompt will be displayed everytime you start the lens.

Challenges we ran into

To make the lens simple and expressive. Also I had to keep enough space for the users to show their creativity.

What's next for Can You Catch Up ?

We can add more expressions, more fragments for the users to build their story from. We can add a different mode where user will know what expression is coming next so that they can frame their story according to that. We can add timer for the ease.

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