The motivation behind this program was to make it easier for people on the Utah campus to know where they can and can't park. With 6 different types of car parking spots at the U it can be quite confusing at times.

What it does

A web application that allows you to know if you can park in a certain spot at the University of Utah. By simply enabling your location and entering your permit type we can quickly determine whether or not you are allowed to park in that space.

Currently since we could not get SSL to work properly there is a bug with the program that is submit:

  • If you connect with https:// then you can get location data but cannot submit that data.
  • If you connect with http:// then you can submit data but cannot get location data. Because of this, we can demonstrate the functionality by hard coding coordinates on a local server.

How I built it

Build with a react javascript front end with a C# backend. These are connected via WebSockets. Commuter Services map data was pulled using the ArcGIS REST API export map tool. Esri's ArcGIS API for Javascript is used to display a small map to the user. The backend server that runs our program was coded in C#.

Challenges I ran into

Location data can only be pulled using HTTPS and this required getting certificates which we spent most of our time on. If we get a certificate in the future this would be a much better program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing our own WebSocket handler

What I learned

We should have used a library

What's next for Can U Park Here?

Get SSL working so we can properly get location data and it can be used from mobile devices as intended.

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