One of our group member's old grandma has been paranoid for a while of going out for fear of falling down. Our hope is that with this device granny would overcome her fear and live her last few years to the fullest.

What it does

Currently, our hardware hack is able to automatically detect a fall and sound an alarm to notify those around of what is currently happening. When our device detects someone is on the ground from a heart attack or from a fall, a preconfigured mobile application would send a notification to family and friends that this person has fallen.

How we built it

Built with accelerometer, the device is able to detect its orientation and communicate with a pair of buzzers who will sound the alarms to attract attention. A mobile application is able to scan the environment for the specific frequency at which the buzzers ring and will then send text messages to family and friends previously listed.

Challenges we ran into

At first we attempted to use the Intel Edison, however it did not seem the device was compatible with any of the available computers, so there went our chance to implement bluetooth and/or wifi functionality along with other things in our hack. However, with every challenge there was an opportunity to come up with something new and from this grew our plan to use an app to detect the frequency at which the buzzers were sounding to send alerts to a pre-populated list of phone numbers. .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of completing a functional device while learning and implementing different technologies. For all of us it was the first time developing an android application and while we did not fully finish the application we sure got a head start and learned different methods of implementing and mobile application.

What we learned

As a group we all learned different skills, some of us learned to use an arduino and implement buzzers and different chips with it. Others learned how to implement meteor.js and an ionic framework. Most importantly we all learned how to work with Android Studio to start developing a mobile application

What's next for LifeSaver

The next steps for our hardware hack prototype would be to obviously decrease the amount of space it takes. Ideally we would also like to incorporate it onto or mobile app through bluetooth or wifi functionality to avoid draining battery through constantly having the microphone listening for the specific frequency. In the near future we would also like to send GPS coordinates through the device of where an accident happened and hopefully make the device completely independent from a mobile application by adding a GSM module.

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