We wanted to work with Augmented Reality and was inspired by the game Slenderman and how cool it would be to play in your own house or backyard. Incorporating Augmented Reality with horror games would improve virtual horror. Since the election was last Tuesday we decided that instead of Slenderman, we could have an equally terrifying monster following the player around, Mr. President Elect Donald Trump. We decided to make our own rules and make our own horror game.

What it does

Through Tango's AR functionality, you can explore your location try to collect film so you can take pictures of Donald Trump. Once you take 3 pictures of Trump, the game ends in a win. If Trump touches you, you lose the game, and he will always follow you around. Whenever you see him, he says a random quote.

How we built it

Using the Tango Software made by google, we used Unity with its Tango AR Camera and 3D models to piece together the game. We wrote scripts in C# and attached them to different objects within the game. We used Blender to create our own Donald Trump 3D model. We used Audacity to cut out audio clips and Github to collaborate on the project.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have used Unity Before We had to learn how to set certain events to trigger and had to create our own Donald Trump 3D model because the ones online were being sold for at least 50$ each so we had to recolor a free texture. The Tango itself is a very buggy product, with the director of the Tango Workshop even mentioning that crashes are not common. The demo itself will not be stable enough, but it's mainly issues on the development kit end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create an AI that follows a script so Trump continues to follow you around no matter where you go in your augmented reality. We managed to trigger events that give different quotes during your encounter with Donald Trump. We finished a very good prototype.

What we learned

Tango Software, Unity, Android SDK development, C# implementation, How wonderful Hattie B Fried Chicken is, how expensive 3D models are

What's next for CAN'T STUMP

Improved graphics, walking animations, figuring out ways for it not to crash when moving too quickly, making multiple levels, more layers of complexity to the game, user-generated experience, perhaps mods to allow you to change who is your pursuer and the things you are collecting and the quotes being said, being able to set levels of how quickly you are being pursued

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