You remember the times you saw some crazy shit that you definitely didn't need, and you wanted to buy it? And you wondered if you had enough money left to spend, so you wouldn't get into trouble later that month? (of course, every day..) With our new application, we do the calculations for you. No more adding of your fixed charges, determining how much money you will need for the remaining days until you get your fresh new spendable money and stuff like that. Just pick your amount and we deliver.

What it does

Based on your bank history, the app gives a recommendation if you can spend money on that thing you really really want right now. It does more than just check your current balance, it also takes aspects like regular future spendings into account!

How we built it

We built an API that crunches all the data and provides you with a recommendation based on a single amount. We created two apps for Pebble and Android which use this API to present the recommendations in an easy and accessible way. We also created a landing page to provide more information.

Challenges we ran into

We were unfamiliar with both Pebble and Android development, which posed challenges in getting a usable app. Also the data analysis was fairly new and posed a challenge, mostly due to the very large amount of data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We turned generic example apps into smooth functioning user apps that provide actual insights based on the data. They will get better as the model improves.

What we learned

Minimise the problem and solve it in a quick and easily accessible way! By focusing on a small scenario that many people face often, you can create something small that solves a real issue. Of course we also learned a lot related to the things we build (android app, pebble, algorithm)

What's next for Can I Spend It?

The data and prediction model is simple, and the recommendation is binary. In the future, we can add a "Maybe" option, with some details to help people make a decision when the answer isn't just a plain Yes or No.

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