As college nears, many of our friends may face problems such as drinking in the near future. Driving under the influence and making poor actions while not sober can cause irreversible changes to others and themselves. The threat of poor decision making inspired us to create this program.

What it does

This program takes an input of different alcoholic drinks that have been consumed and calculates the time that someone is legally sober. The time counts down continuously to keep the user updated on how much time remains.

How I built it

Using Java, we created different input boxes that recorded height, weight, and gender. Using backend logic, we were able to determine the time left until sober.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, we were planning on using an API to access different specific alcoholic beverages consumed by the user. However, with no databases that provide useful information, we were forced to ditch this idea and use a general percentage of alcohol consumed by categorizing each drink into beer, wine, and liquor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though the program is not user-friendly, we were still proud of getting this program to run correctly and orderly.

What I learned

Prior planning may be needed and decisions on how to attack the project is essential. We went into the project with very little experience or idea of how to create the program. Thus, we chose Java instead of other languages that would have probably served us better.

What's next for "Can I Drive?"

Hopefully, in the near future, this program can be improved and implemented into bars or restaurants for their private use. We believe that if they had access to how intoxicated someone is, they would be helpful in protecting someone from making terrible decisions. We expect that this project has the potential to protect many people from the dangers of overdrinking and drunk driving.

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