We are not terribly good with financial decisions, and want expensive things. We feel like this is a common problem with people our age, so we made something to tell people when it was a good idea to buy things of a certain price.

What it does

It allows Capital One customers to text a number with the price of their desired possession. We calculate their average income per month as well their average expenses and based on that information tell them if it's they can afford to buy that item. If they cannot, we also tell them when they can, if they ever can with their current income/expenses.

How we built it

We used Twilio to allow users to text us their information. We stored their phone and account numbers as a database powered by MongoDB. We then accessed their information using the Capital One API and parsed their withdrawals/deposits to figure out their average income/expenses. Then we let them know if purchasing the desired item would be smart giving that info. We hosted all this on a Digital Ocean server.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with the idea was probably hardest. Also setting up the communication with the Capital One was initially hard but became easier as we got used to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything that we planned to make is working great.

What we learned

How to set up a MongoDB (it's surprisingly straightforward), using Capital One API, Twilio. Also learned a little Python.

What's next for Can I Buy?

Be used by real Capital One customers!

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