I was inspired by the newest cutting edge technology used in modern headphones, and thought that a new line of headphones for HyperX could really benefit from some features that were not present in current models. This product is pitched as if I were a part of the HyperX team.

What it does

The new headphones design intergrates a lot of new technology, such as lighter batteries, quality materials, bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, NFC connectivity for pairing to the headset without the need for bluetooth, a proprietary charging system that allows the headset to connect in and out of a wired setup, as well as backup wired systems for people who may prefer them.

How I built it

I used SquareSpace as well as images from the HyperX website to develop the website for the fictional HyperX Cloud GO product. I also did some surface research into the specs of both HyperX products and the products of companies that make studio-style music oriented headphones such as Bose and Sony to create a fictional spec-sheet that would not only be top of the line but would also beat out competitors for years to come.

What I learned

Throughout this hackathon I learned how to improve the design of my website as well as how to create a site that targets the right demographic audience for this sort of product.

The password for the website is "designx"

Built With

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