Presenting in front of an audience with a time limit can be straining, especially with the constant downtime caused by having to manually walk over to the computer and move to the next slide. In English class, we would often experience awkward pauses when transitioning between slides. We wanted a solution that would save us time and energy and allow us to move from slide to slide with efficiency and elegance. Therefore, we came up with camtroller, an app that would allow us to automate these actions with simple gestures.

What it does

Camtroller allows the user to use their hand to move between slides; for example, to move the next slide, the user can simply point to the right. Conversely, to move to the previous slide, the user can point to the left.

How I built it

with sweat and tears

Challenges I ran into

Lots of bugs with OpenCV, as this was our first time using it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

almost finishing

What I learned

numpy can be challenging

Built With

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