Save the World, Share a Ride!

The ride board web and Andriod application connecting to you to fellow students in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.


In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we wanted to connect students together in a fun social way. Student drivers planning to drive home can post a trip to CampusRyde, and other students can tag-along, or find drivers headed in their intended direction.

What we learned

We all challenged ourselves to expand our knowledge of web development. Most of us have not used Node.JS or Javascript before this weekend.

How we built it

We wanted to build a platform where university students traveling home can find other students traveling in their direction. We used Google Firebase, connected to a Heroku Node.js application. We also included Google's JavaScript Maps API and Geocoding API. We build the Andriod Application to mobilize our functionality.


API Integration, learning JavaScript on the spot and setting up a hosting service for our application were our most dominant challenges.

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