Team Algorithm Peasants


CampusLive is a unique take on social media that smashes together a Reddit style comment system with an event focused map system. Students all over campus can pin their comments, jokes and memes to specific locations on the campus map so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and where it’s happening, on your phone Live! Maybe it’s Valentines day and you need a last minute gift. Well there’s a popup vendor outside of MacHall selling roses, and the post has 300 upvotes! Remember when the Phantom Pooper dropped a load in Science Theatres, or when the pipe burst in SB? Your fellow students will keep you in the know so you can take a detour. Comments will popup Live as they happen in real time. Never miss a fun time, as CampusLive will automatically populate the map with upcoming and ongoing events!


Many students feel disconnected from other students, and the University. There are various events that occur around campus that many students could attend if they knew about them. There’s also a lack of University culture.


Develop a Reddit style application that allows students to be more well informed of University activities and to be more connected with other students. The map system allows students to create their owns posts and the students themselves decide whether these posts are of value.

How we built it

Data was stored in a MySQL database. Backend was developed with Python and frontend with JavaScript. A Python script was used to scrape University events, and the rest of the Python backend was used to manage to and from the database. The frontend JavaScript was used to populate tables for the users to see. Using the Python Flask web framework, the frontend was able to communicate with the backend and vice-versa.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with communication between the frontend and backend.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We successfully joined the frontend and the backend such that they can communicate with each other.

What we learned

The Python web framework Flask and communicating between Python and JavaScript.

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