The inspiration of this application stemmed from a discord video call, where the phrase “turn on your cameras, this is the only way we can see each other” changed from just a sentence into an idea.

We wanted to create an app specifically created by and for university students, to create a virtually social environment that could aid in reigniting connection, excitement, and the feeling of taking new chances.

What it does

  • Connects university/college students in a 1-on-1 format or in a group environment
    • Integrates a video calling feature, allowing for the exchange of contact information and the ability to quickly make friends
    • Also allows for text messaging and video calling using an avatar in consideration for users’ privacy concerns
  • Helps students interact and meet other students around the world, or in their own community
    • Includes features such as searching for a friend in a specific program or year
    • Features other channels created for different purposes such as studying together, chilling, playing games, networking, working out, and more
  • Helps maintain social activity and prevents COVID from affecting people's mental health

How we built it

CampusCloud was built using Flutter and Dart.

Challenges we ran into

  • Although we had many ambitious ideas that would have added to the experience of using our app, time was a big constraint as we had to learn to prioritize the most important features
  • Implementing certain features proved to be a problem, so once again we had to learn to prioritize certain features and details

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We came up with a great Idea that can help a lot of students, including ourselves
  • We actively communicated and gave constructive feedback as a team, allowing for a realistic but enterprising product
  • We were able to make a stellar, straightforward, and resourceful UI

What we learned

  • How to use different tools/browsers for UI/UX design applications & prototyping
    • Specifically, we learned how to make full use of flutter's imports and how to use an emulator to fully test out program

What's next for CampusCloud

  • We want to be able to implement the other features/channels we couldn’t add this hackathon, including:
    • Study, Games, Chill, Workout, Music channels
    • Establishing a secure way to verify that users are students
    • Allowing users to share socials with a click of button
    • Creating a globe feature which allows students to see which countries they have virtually visited
    • Provide a history list of people they have spoken to

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