As a student who is very involved in clubs and organizations on campus, I come across many students with bright ideas, but with very little enthusiasm and drive in seeing it through. Clubs and organizations can take up much of someone's time, whether that person is a member or on the board. There's paperwork with the university to establish such groups, as well as setting budgets, recruiting board members, and promoting to the student body. Very often, the brand of the organization is overlooked for acquiring as possibly large as a foundation of members as possible, only to end up with very little staff and structure to keep the newly established community going. With so many other worries to occupy someone's mind outside the making of the organization, these ideas are often forgotten. Campus QuickStart (CQS) aims to ease the process of starting up an organization at university or even high school by automating the process of establishing an online brand and presence.

With CQS, everyone, regardless of experience in web development, can get a website started for their organization and attach other third party services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). CQS is everyone's one-stop portal to create and manage. Many organizations lose track of their services in use. They pay for a domain through one provider, hosting through another, create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn groups. Students possessing technical experience may graduate, leaving others taking their place overwhelmed and confused at the number of services they have to learn. CQS, in the long term, desires to simplify the overall brand by providing access to all these services in an easily navigable dashboard. Email communications and social media are the top ways of reaching members - email can be checked on your phones or on your computer. Many spend their time on Facebook long enough to see the important announcements across social platforms. However, as organizations grow in size, so do their tools, making organization and structure as important as ever. CQS isn't just for getting ideas out there, but for keeping them as thriving as ever, by facilitating the process of establishing the online presence for an organization.

CQS starts off by asking for some details about your organization to create your account. MongoDB keeps track of users and the groups they're involved in and SendGrid ensures email communications between members and administrative matters regarding your account are fast, easy, and no longer a candidate for keeping you up at night. CQS has templates for your website and plugs in the information it receives from you. Templates of all kinds can be potentially modified to fit the information that you provide about your organization and each group you manage with CQS can have its own website hosted by CQS. If you have any technical experience, you're free to export the files for self-hosting on your own server or in the future, via GitHub pages. Another future implementation would be using the NameCheap API to allow for domain purchases and management via CQS for your CQS-hosted websites. The original URL off CQS will always be available in additional to a secondary domain purchased off a third party.

CQS got its name by two factors: an intended size and an intended speed. Your organization doesn't need to be on a campus-wide level - high school students can find CQS beneficial for their own goals. QuickStart is self-explanatory - CQS aims to get you started on establishing an online presence for your organization as quickly as possible. CQS was the name for the project before and during development, and has stuck since.

Check out CQS at the provided URL and leave us some feedback in how we can build CQS to be better for everyone. CQS is modular by design, leaving tons of room for suggestions and future development.

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