A 4 days event including 2+ different hackathon types (education, climate, entrepreneurship, entertainment, technology, big data)

What it does

Fully covered event for 99 Euro in pre-registration, including food, drinks, tents to sleep in with 5000 other hackers.

How we built it

With 40+ workshops, speakers, DJ's and changemakers.

Challenges we ran into

None, yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1500 pre-registers by Universities.

What we learned

Be open to everyone to attend, it isn't about competition it is about giving ambitious people the resources to create solutions and great ideas but most of all have fun in this week and get inspired!

What's next for Campus Party meets Educationhack!

A 4 days event during StartupFest Week. We want to tackle worlds biggest problems from plastic soup towards the bottom billion and transitions in various continents.

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