Campus Maps

Seize the world around you.



Our product is a map that encodes visual, spatial, temporal, and other descriptive data about events happening around in the local environment. It seeks to streamline the process of obtaining information for the general public, filling a void that is not satsified by current technology such as Facebook, Google Maps, and other services that provide data about the world around you. It is meant to be a gateway to experiencing a higher quality level of campus life.


We employ a React front-end hosted on Firebase which utilizes the Realtime database to store and retrieve campus events.

Problem Scope


We are addressing the following problems:

  1. Lack of centralized information
  2. Obliviousness to local happenings
  3. Disconnect from campus life

Lack of centralized information

People use a variety of resources to get information about events-- Facebook events, Google Map recommendations, email list servs, even Snapchat map, etc...

While they all provide value, there is a key presentation of information they are missing: spatial-temporal information. This is an important presentation as most people prioritize these two aspects of location and time in regards to events. As such, they should be in one place and easily accessible with an intuitive interface.

Obliviousness to local happenings

Do you ever have the feeling of missing out when you hear about something cool that happened right around the corner, and you had no idea about it? That can be extremely frustrating and easily avoided!

Often times we get so cornered in our own bubbles that we miss what is happening right under our noses. Our goal is to remove these inefficiencies so you don't experience FOMO - "Fear of Missing Out!"

Disconnect from campus life

This can be a sinister outcome from obliviousness- a feeling of disconnect from campus life. You feel like more of an individual living in your own bubble on campus instead of part of a greater whole. College is supposed to be about connecting to something greater than yourself-- and while this may sound very abstract and way beyond our simple map app, the goal of our map app is to bridge the gap between people and opportunities. Bridging this gap opens the door to these connections.

Stakeholders: Organizations

Organizations will benefit from this product by increasing their exposure and turnout. For new organizations, gaining exposure is crucial for success. Then, our service, which allows whatever events the organization creates to be viewable to anyone and anytime, is conducive to gaining exposure. Older organizations may benefit from our service as well by optimizing turnout to their events for the very same reasons: people, who would otherwise miss these opportunities because of their own obliviousness, can now be put in the way of discovering these previously hidden opportunities.

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