Guardian is an easy-to-use smart phone application that is used in tandem with your current campus security offering – Emergency Phones, Campus Police, etc. – to provide real-time GPS tracking of individuals who feel they are in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations. Illume Mobile works with your institution to develop a custom Guardian app that you, in turn, offer to students. Once your college’s Guardian app is downloaded to students’ mobile smart phones, they have an extra layer of safety in at their fingertips – literally. Guardian provides peace of mind for college students and their parents by providing three levels of protection: Check In, Follow Me and Danger Whether you are a small college or a large city university, Illume Mobile’s Guardian tool can provide a higher level of student and faculty safety for your institution. Student safety is high on the list of must haves for co-eds and their parents. Make safety as important to your university as it is to them.

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