We were inspired by the challenge of maintaining a dynamic wardrobe on a student budget. Rather than buying a new dress for each exciting occasion, or renting designer dresses from an expensive site like Rent the Runway, it would be wonderful to raid the closets of 10,000 of your closest female friends. Campus Couture allows you to do just that by hosting an online clothing swap. For example, if I want to rent one of my dresses out, I can list it on the "share" page, including the size, brand, color, photos, and my asking price, including a refundable deposit to ensure its safe return. If I want to borrow a dress, I can browse any of the shared dresses on my college campus, pick the one I like best, in my size and favorite color, and then exchange contact information to meet up with the lender. This way, we both save on shipping costs, get a great dress, and make a new friend. Our target user is, of course, a collegiate woman. We are most proud of the database maintenance, a new technology for all of us. All of the forms that one can submit while using our website modify the database, which is reloaded with each page request. Of course, we also love our logo, which is a photoshopped version of the Emoji "dancing lady" with the dress whose colors ignited controversy across the world yesterday. We believe that she adds polish to the user experience. From the front to the back end, our product is cohesive and effective.

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