Since early 2020, Covid-19 has been cancelling in-person events and people are encouraged to avoid contact with others, which makes meeting people significantly more difficult than before. We wanted to make something that can help people on campus safely and easily meet others with similar interests, so the concept of Campus Connector was born.

What it does

Users sign in to Campus Connector, either with an email or through Google, and add interests. These can be anything from hobbies, to classes, to the building you live in. Then they can search for other accounts with similar interests, and start a conversation with whoever they choose.

How we built it

We used Firebase and Google Cloud App Engine to store collections of users and conversations. The components were written with javascript and react, and each accessed the database to do things like find matching interests and load messages

Challenges we ran into

Several of our team members had little to no experience with javascript, react, and css, so they had to learn how to use these while designing and implementing the app's features. In some cases, Firebase's API was difficult to work with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was an ambitious project and we're proud to have completed. Its complexity meant that we had very little time to relax, but we all pushed through and are quite satisfied with the end result.

What we learned

This project forced all of us to use some language, API, or other technology that we weren't familiar with, which is a valuable thing not only because of an enhanced proficiency with that technology, but also because it makes us more adaptable and better able to pick up technologies like this in the future. Everyone learned a lot about website building as well as the usage of Google Cloud and its associated technologies.

What's next for Campus Connector

In the future, we hope that Campus Connector can help spark friendships that carry people through the pandemic and beyond.

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