What it is

Campus Claim is a new campus-wide, real-time, physical-space game created at Ball State University and powered by Knurld’s voice authentication technology. The goal of the game is to claim a section of campus for your class by checking in at physical devices located around campus.

Campus Claim has two components: a mobile application students can run on their personal devices, and custom-built Internet of Things devices located physically around campus. These devices are powered by a Raspberry Pi, and take swipe card and voice input and produce voice output--no screen is required!

How it works

To join the game, a student downloads the Campus Claim app to their mobile device and logs in. Then, they record their voice in the app to register with Knurld, a leading provider of voice recognition software.

Once registered, the app shows the student the campus map, and which classes are currently claiming each location. Now they’re ready to go out and claim!

Students can score points at the custom IoT devices around campus, located on the map. To play, the student approaches the device and swipes their Ball State ID card. The device will say a verification phrase, and the student speaks it into the microphone. Then, if the voice matches, the student scores for their class.

Now, if the student checks their app, they will see the map updated with their point scored--maybe the point that tips the scales and claims that area of campus for their class! The app will also display how long they must wait to check in again.

Every day, as more students check in at devices around campus, the map will change. Students can even receive a notification on their device when a location has been claimed by another class, so they know where they need to score next.

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