My passion for soccer. ;-) In the early days Alexa didn't know about italian soccer results, so I decided to create this skill.

What it does

This skill gives information about results of the last turn, matches of the next turn, teams rankings and the top scorers among players. In addition it's possible to ask the same questions pinpointed to the favourite team.

How I built it

I've built the skill interaction model using the Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console. The endpoint is based on a node.js Lambda function using ASK 2.0. Data is provided to the Lambda function by a PHP broker which generates the appropriate JSON based on the user's request.

Challenges I ran into

Since it has been one of my first skills, I first tried to create a PHP endpoint (which is a language I know better than node.js). But soon after I realized that ASK for node.js was far more simple and efficient, so I relegated PHP to the last layer of the application and learnt node.js.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's my first attempt in using Alexa Presentation Language.

What I learned

I acquired a better grip on node.js.

What's next for Campionato di calcio (di Serie A)

Nowadays Alexa can give more or less the same information natively, so my skill makes less sense. But maybe I could extend the information to the lesser championships.

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