We were inspired to create Campanion from the HackBeanPot values of camping and community. We combined the ideas to create an application that helps foster community between campers.

What it does

Campanion is a social media platform for anyone who loves to camp and meet other campers as well as plan events with them. After the initial download of the app, you sign up to ensure the security of all users and then fill out a survey to find other individuals in your area with similar interests. You are shown potential friends according to how many tags you have in common, which are decided both by the survey and your own input. You can then create groups and events to plan with other people through the app. This centralizes the entire camping experience and allows for planning to occur easily through the app.

How we built it

To create this project, we first discussed different ideas, eventually combining many separate ideas to create the final idea of Campanion. We drafted the application in the form of a wireframe that outlined all screens that the app would contain, allowing us to organize ahead of time. Figma was used for the creation of our prototype. We first created our logo using Canva and added it to our Figma application. Then, we designed each screen and programmed the buttons to operate to the next screen. This was achieved by utilizing the Figma prototype feature which allows for the programming of buttons to lead to other screens. In the end, we were left with our completed MVP.

Challenges we ran into

In the process of creating this application, we encountered numerous challenges. Our initial ideas were disjointed, but we were able to successfully incorporate multiple elements, including groups, event planning, and posts into our app over one central idea. This was also our first time using Figma, so we had to learn how to use the software in the given time through YouTube videos and other online resources. Initially, we also planned out the app by creating a wireframe which allowed us to sketch out our ideas for the app before finalizing them in our prototype. We had initially planned to code out the application using React and Node, but were unable to code the application in the time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our completion of this project since this is the first hackathon for over half our members and therefore many members’ first times working under such time constraints. We are also happy to say that we used a completely foreign platform to all of us, Figma, to create our project, therefore adding a new skill to our skillsets.

What we learned

We learned how to use Figma, a UI designing software that allows for the creation of application prototypes. We also learned how to perform under time pressure and sort out conflicts in vision quickly to develop and create the most successful project possible.

What's next for Campanion

In the future, we will code our app using React and Node to make a fully functional application with a backend model. We would also incorporate a calendar and map feature to allow for more thorough planning within the app and allow events hosts to have editing access. After coding out the app, it would be released on the app store for widespread use, and advertisements would be created to build the Campanion community. The ultimate goal would be for people to plan out entire camping trips using the app, allowing more people to meet and enjoy their camping experience together.


@[Hacker] Snaeha Shriram

@[Hacker] Aishwarya Sudarshan

@[Hacker] Praachi Khandekar

Built With

  • figma
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