Science is critical to solve world's major problems. The lack of transparency is blocking science to function efficiently and preventing many talented people, including ones from disadvantaged backgrounds, from realizing their potential and making a valuable contribution to science and society.

What it does

Build a network of connected communities of scientists, public and institutions involved in managing science such as research funders - with the goal of global adoption of new quality and trustworthiness principles for research publications.

Allow any citizen, any organization, to quickly access important information about methods and evaluation process for each research article - the information needed to determine various aspects of trustworthiness, e.g. research findings reproducibility.

How I built it

Building on the work of a network of leading open science advocates over 20+ years facilitated on the Publishing Reform Forum

Challenges I ran into

Breaking through the complexity of the campaign and writing short, accessible and relevant messages to explain the purpose and why we think it can be realistically achieved.

Although the campaign will benefit everyone by making science more efficient to solve world's problems, and many people support it, it remains challenging to find enough help, which is needed for the campaign to succeed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Organized public support of the Fair Open Access Principles by world's renowned scientists, including Fields Medalists and Abel Prize winners:

What I learned

Transparency and inclusiveness always win in any community.

What's next for Campaign for Open & Trustworthy Science

Launching crowdfunding campaigns to be able to compensate our volunteers and pay

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