When I went to summer camp my flashlight died and I was forced to use my phone flashlight. I could not see more than 2 feet ahead of me and it was very scary. I tripped on a rock on the way back due to lack of light. So this make the phone a safe light by helping you see farther the usual.

What it does

I uses your phone and turns it into a night vision glasses!

How we built it

I built it with swiftUI and ARKit. I made a small one pixel block in ARKit. Then I made it display over objects that it detects by detecting white or grey and making it pop so the user so the user can see so the app just does amplify darkness.

Challenges we ran into

ARKit was very tough to use and learn especially this is my first time using swift at all so this was a huge learning experience. Also it was tough to make the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I managed to do native computer vision and that was very impressive because I haven't even used swift too much and many code in Golang.

What we learned

I learned a-lot about IOS dev mainly how to deal with the errors that you may come across and computer vision. I also learned about pointers.

Built With

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