Our project was the product of much deliberation, as we all had several ideas which we went over. The final idea essentially combines our final 4 remaining ideas as features in which we could combine them into one insane web app!

What it does

There are four main features to go over:

  1. Machine learning spotify song picker
  2. Chat bot
  3. Match your schedule with your friends
  4. Implement a plan with a calendar

How we built it

We built it through the power of sheer determination and will... as well as a caffeine driven coding marathon... ok besides the point: We used react for the front end, formatting everything through the use of Javascript and CSS. The calendar and chat bot are embedded within the react files itself.

Challenges we ran into

Each member of our group ran into several challenges:

  1. Angela - I worked mainly on the frontend, I hadn’t embedded any files before and suddenly I had to do it twice. On both occasions the given code was incorrect, the formatting was wrong and I had to figure out the issue and fix them myself. In addition, we had to learn how to connect the React frontend and Python backends as none of us have done it before~
  2. Smriti - I worked mainly on the backend, trying to get the machine learning algorithms to work and also working with google cloud to get the databases running to host the website. It was really hard for me to find and connect Spotify APIs, along with figuring out the login credentials. I had to install several libraries that I was using for the first time and learn as quickly as I can.
  3. Vansh - In order to work with each user's google calendar, I had to integrate the OAuth authentication into the web application using the API Client ID. I ran into numerous errors while trying to accept the permission credentials from the user. I had to go through multiple tutorials describing the various reasons for the occurrence of the error, which improved my understand of APIs by fourfold. I solved this by editing the API Client ID to desktop app mode.

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