Dance, it's something we do after we hear music, what if we do it in reverse order? We can can create music from our dance!

I was inspired by Cristobal Valenzuela's "Sidewalk Orchestra" demo I saw over the workshops.

And there is one also from Tero Parviainen on his site.

And here is my implementation :D

What it does

It detects your pose trough the webcam, and plays the given sound of the marked tile when the bar pases over it.

How I built it

It's a flask project that serves the web page containing the p5js/ml5 code

Challenges I ran into

I'm in the middle of a high work load, so sparing time for this was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally made it! This is my second p5js project

What I learned

More p5js tricks!

What's next for CamMachine

More functions!! Add a synthesizer! Ability to save sounds, record beats!

Built With

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