Reduce the vehicle usage for driving the kids to school, consolidating similar trips among people intended to save money,reduce polution, and reduce ammount of circulating vehicles by doing so

What it does

this apps connects people that have similar point of destination where A is their home and B is their school, it will consolidate similar point of origin against similar points of destination

How I built it

I used an appcloud called "mobile data collection" and it provoide forms that people can be filled thru a custom made formats online and they have an app on their respective store for iOS and Android

Challenges I ran into

due to the fact that I had the idea but no experience at all in any programming enviroment, I decided to do an extensive reasearch to find solutions that could fit into my idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

to be able to come up with a simple way to collect data

What I learned

the most expensive element in this project, is the lack of knowledege

What's next for "Caminito de la escuela" (road to school), put together a similar project for peope who work nearby.

Built With

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