The Virtual Manhunt Challenge - CamHunt was inspired by the desire (and the curiosity to realize what would happen if we were) to merge the fast-paced and creative aspects of online multiplayer games with the physical/kinesthetic aspects of a childhood game.

What it does

CamHunt is a unique and modern twist on the classic game of manhunt! In this game, players set up their characters by taking full body photos of themselves and entering a nickname. When the game starts, a random player is chosen to be "it". They must run around chasing the others to try and grab a pic of them within a close enough distance to tag them "it".

CamHunt comes with three different game modes:

ZOMBIE INFECTION - The game begins with one random “infected” player. This player must run around tagging other players to infect them.

BATTLE ROYALE - It's Every man for themselves! Each player runs around to snap a photo of anyone around them. Players who are snapped are eliminated from the match!

CLASSIC TAG - The game begins with one person who is “it”. They go around to snap a pic of others and pass on the “itness”...

How we built it

We built the interface for this web app using the React JavaScript library and the Bootstrap CSS framework. As for our backend, we are using Firebase's Realtime Database to manage game and player data across multiple players at once.

Challenges we ran into

Of course, going into this competition with a learner's attitude, we were very open to making mistakes and running into challenges along the way to where we are now. For example, we experienced some troubles getting the Firebase Realtime Database to sync up with the React game scoreboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we were able to put together realistic looking mobile app prototype using technologies most of us were rather new to.

What we learned

We each have learned quite a lot from this experience, both from a technical and a experiential aspect. We learned to work with some new technologies and tools, such as React and Firebase, and how they come together to create a uniform product.

What's next for CamHunt

We plan on getting a fully working system for player recognition that is fast and lightweight for the pace of the game. We also wish to make the game experience more seamless, by including functional game attributes such as time elapsed, game boundaries, and an improved UX.

We also plan to make CamHunt a full-fledged mobile app for Android in the near future! We hope to add full feature capability to each of our gamemodes and even provide updates with newer ones.

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