This is a repo for a project at Wildhacks 2015, 11/21 - 11/22/2015, at Northwestern University.

The team members are Shayne Hemminger (Louisville), Jon Tan (Waterloo), Jack Wu (Northwestern), and Aditya Dhingra (Purdue).

We are building a remote, cloud-streaming mobile app with multiple cameras integrated, which prints pictures from the Walgreens API and delivers with PostMate.

The user can swipe across to view the streams of different cameras they have set up integrated to the system, and interesting objects in the image are identified as text to the user. At the press of a button, the image is captured, printed from Walgreens, and shipped to PostMate. They are charged through Braintree.

We are using:

  • Microcontroller: Particle Photon (Arduino-compatible WiFi development board)

  • Camera: Omnivision 7670 camera that is Arduino-compatible

  • Cloud server: Microsoft Azure and the Media Server

  • Mobile development: Android Studio and Swift for iOS

The programming languages we use are:

  • C, for Arduino/Photon

  • PHP and JSON

  • Swift, for iOS

The APIs we are using:

  • CloudSight API - image recognition

  • Braintree API - payments

  • Walgreens - take photo and print it

  • Postmates - deliver that picture

The prizes we are aiming for include:

  • Belvedere's hack that facilitates communication - cloud video throughput can communicate hand signals over the internet

  • Braintree - take payments to take a picture

  • Walgreens - take a picture from the camera and print it

  • Postmates - deliver that picture (to us?)

  • Punniest name - "CamerAzure"

The equipment we have are:

  • Many Arduinos (UNO, Mega 2560, Nano, Pro Mini - Jackie, Jon)

  • 2 Particle Photons (Jackie)

  • Wires and wire cutter (Jackie)

  • Other electrical equipment, like breadboards, wires, resistors (Jackie, Jon)

  • Cameras like OV7670 with FIFO, without FIFO, and others (Jackie)

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