CameraAce for Samsung Gear is a camera app that is specially formulated for wearable devices. Its photography theme feature allows users to easily organize, edit, and enjoy photos from their wrists from within the photography workbench UI. Before taking a picture, users select a camera with pre-set themes (filters, slideshow background music, folders), which automatically organize photos (saves to specified folder) based on their intended subject.

Users can customize multiple cameras with unique settings profiles consisting of photo effects, and slideshow background music. Effects will be applied as the photos are taken and the photos will be grouped together, perfect for slideshow playback. In addition, you can transfer the photos taken with the Samsung Gear to your Android mobile phone.

CameraAce for Gear makes it easy for users to browse their photos based on their theme and enjoy them as slideshows with background music. CameraAce_gear [Main features] o Taking photos with pre-set photography themes – ‘Before taking photos, apply effects, organize them’ - If you set HDR effect on a CameraAce camera, and then take a picture with it, you can always get brighter photos than with the default camera.

o Transfer photos from Gear to a host android device and they can be found under the CameraAce folder.

o Browse and add effects to photos on Gear

o Play photo slideshow with background music

o (Option) Install ‘CameraAce’ Android version together to use advanced feature – Photo organize, effect, frame, photo print, and slideshow share.

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