I wanted a way to continually backup my Camera Roll on my phone to s3 for safe keeping. I was constantly having to delete photos from my phone to clear space, so I would manually export all of my photos and transfer them to s3 through my computer.

I wanted an app that would automatically and continuously upload new photos straight to s3 in the background to eliminate this manual process, so I built an app to do just that.

As an added bonus, iOS 8 now allows apps to delete photos from the Camera Roll on the users' behalf, and I can set a rule to delete photos that are X days old (not quite implemented yet).

Target users are probably tech-savvy people at this point who know how to create their own s3 buckets, but eventually this could be turned into a service where I manage the s3 storage for users and let them browse their photos and re-download them to their phone.

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