Our team has created a product, ECOLD, that uses the Internet of Things for a full circle implementation. We started off by thinking about what impact we wanted to make; these were to reduce food waste and one-use plastic. To achieve our goal, we used a breadth of tools to be more environmentally friendly and reduce climate risk.

The fridge would be installed with a sensor and a camera that will detect the food being put in the fridge using Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Service Computer Vision. This was a great way to start the cycle, however later one the camera would act as a verifier as we would use the receipt of previous shops to determine what would be in the fridge and when the expiring date is. To be energy efficient and save energy ECOLD will send you an email notification to warn you that you have left your fridge door open. We thought that this was a good extra tool to add to the final product.

We used a web scanner with Spoonacular's API to give recipes recommendations with the food that is close to expiring. These recipes are sustainable and eco-friendly, encouraging the consumer to eat well and save the environment at the same time. This was really important to us because it gives the consumer the opportunity to be environmentally conscious of their day to day life.

ECOLD automates a shopping list for the consumer depending on what they have previously bought and what is left in the fridge. We have encouraged the user to take their shopping list to their local market (which is located using Google Maps API) which provided a greener option than shopping in a supermarket such as Tescos. If they can not go to a market then we also offer them the option to do their shop online (currently ordering of Amazon Fresh using an API to add to basket).

Throughout the challenge we have faced many challenges the hardest one was to create an AWS Amazon account. That took us way too longggg. But honestly, piping all our code together was challenging, however, with the help of each other and the internet we were able to do a great job.

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