Cambridge Carbon Map website

This is a webpage to compile montioring data from the Cambridge Colleges. The main feature is the map that is marked with MultiPolygons of the different colleges. On hovering over the polygons, a name popup will appear, and clicking them brings up the college's gas usage graph.

Right now, the name popup only shows the college name, and the graph only shows dummy data. I will change the name pop up to show population, scheme status* etc.. When the RPI project is completed, I will feed that data to the geojsons so they appear on the graph in realtime.

Below the map is a "Why We Care" section. This is fairly bare at the moment, but I will build this up to be a slideshow fo general information: historical environmental data, historical carbon output/gas usage/electricity usage, and annotations for all.

/* Does the college have a rep, does it provide data, a picutre and bio of the rep if they do exist etc.

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