What it does

Instruct Slack to complete your Camis timesheet

rutgerc I worked on SOMECODE.001 making a presentation for 2 hours

cambo Ok. Booked. Your day looks full. Shall I save it?

rutgerc No add -3 hours of flex time.

cambo Done. Your flex balance is +4.

rutgerc I worked on SOMECODE.002 technical report for customer with @dirkv.

cambo Ok. Booked. Looks like you're done for today. Shall I save it?

rutgerc Yes.

cambo Saved.

Let Slack nag about incomplete Camis timesheets

cambo Your week isn't saved yet. It's due in 1 hour.

rutgerc Show me my incomplete days.

cambo << shows days >>

rutgerc Add 2 hours of flex on 01/02 and save.

cambo Done. Your flex balance is 2 hours.

Collaborative stuff

cambo @dirkv told me you worked for 2 hours on meeting with customer SOMECODE.003. Shall I add it to your timesheet?

rutgerc Yes.

cambo By your command.

Integration with Orderportal

rutgerc Add 1 hour on SOMECODE.004 Looking at exploration days.

cambo I'm sorry Rutger, I'm afraid I can't do that. You don't have access to SOMECODE.004.

cambo Shall I open a ticket asking for access?

rutgerc Yes.

Holiday integration

cambo Looks like you're going on holiday.

cambo Don't forget your out-of-office

Other possibilities

  1. More famous AI quotes
  2. Searching for codes
  3. Show code total and other stats
  4. Some prediction? Learn recurrent tasks.
  5. ....

Can it be done

Probably not. I don't know if there are any API's for Camis. Authentication and authorization will also be quite difficult I guess. We could always try to get the bot part working against a fake Camis API.

Even if it doesn't lead to an actual Camis bot. Interfacing with Slack, building a reactive application and experimenting with NLP looks fun.

What will we use

Java (or Scala), the Slack API. We should probably look at some of the existing bot frameworks out there.

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